Brian Tracy Achieve Your business goals Trainings
„The path to learning through rules is long. The path through examples is short and sweet.”

Through our training programs your company will quickly achieve what others do at a much slower pace.All of our programs are tailored to meet your company’s identified needs, enabling your organization to rapidly achieve specific and relative goals. In this way, your investment in training pays for itself and offers an essential contribution towards the successful future of your organization.

We work with the participants of our training programs by focusing on techniques that change attitudes and behaviors in the long term.

We base our approach on the most recent scientific discoveries and practical research: the first stage of the training consists of a thorough initial assessment of the situation; in the second stage, the training program is created and tailored so that it meets the specific needs of the client; the third and final stage is delivering the program through engaging and interactive workshop sessions. We also provide post-training follow up to evaluate and certify the program’s continuing effectiveness.


Firmly based in the practical ideology of ‘If you want to learn something, do it’, our training programs are dynamic and interactive. We focus on the practical application of knowledge from the fields of psychology, management and personal development.

In our training we use:

  • Demonstrations and mini-lectures.
  • Individual and group work, facilitated and motivated by the trainer.
  • Role-plays and presentations.
  • Video recording and feedback to identify, evaluate and maintain positive change (working on cognitive and behavioral level).

Practical benefits from the Brian Tracy International training programs:

  • Better results achieved by the company
  • Higher working efficiency
  • Better working atmosphere
  • Staying ahead of the competition and strengthening the market position

We offer in-house programs in the area of:

  • Management
  • Public speaking
  • Sales and customer service
  • Motivation
  • Personal efficiency
  • Train the trainer

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