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icon 80 The Industrial sector often needs support in developing a more holistic approach to their clients and improving the so called "human factor".

Really seeing an individual employee or client in a large organization like a factory often requires a lot of effort from the employers and the HR department. It is these parts of the company that BTI consultants focus their attention on. To become aware of how important it is motivate employees and work together with departments that have conflicting interests may seem contradictory, but can be of key importance for the success of the whole organization.

Our experience

In our work so far with companies in the industrial sector we have organized motivational speeches for employees, supported management and executives and prepared audio and video materials dedicated for specific projects. In the scope of ESF projects we have shared expertise in the field of management through coaching, and introduced mentoring as a type of working relationship between employer and employee.

How do we support this sector?

  • Motivational speeches for employees
  • Management through coaching
  • Building teams of trainers/mentors in an organizations
  • mentors in an organizations Strategic

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