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Who we are
We are a global consulting-training organization, operating in 36 countries around the world.

Our philosophy is "a conscious mind equals a successful organization".




We support managers, leaders, sales people and individuals who want to run their lives and businesses in a conscious way, find their path of development and succeed. Participants of our training programs enhance their professional efficiency, organize their lives better and have a positive impact on the efficiency and productivity of their companies. We help them to think strategically, achieve their goals and balance private and professional life.

What sets us apart?

Why are we highly effective? Our key to success is focusing and developing participants’ empowerment and involvement as well drawing from their knowledge and experience. Using up-to-date and diverse teaching methods, we enable employees to identify their strong points and strengthen their potential. This leads to specific and general improvement and success within the whole team and organization i.e.:

  • Profit growth
  • Higher productivity vs. decrease of losses
  • Better quality customer service
  • Improvement of the key processes in the organization
  • Treating change as a challenge
  • Increased work satisfaction

All the seminars and workshops are dynamic and interactive, working with the principle "If you want to learn something – do it".

They consist of the following:

  • Demonstrations and mini lectures facilitated in an interactive and engaging way
  • Individual and group work, facilitated and stimulated by the trainer
  • Role play, presentations and drama
  • Video recording and feedback to identify, evaluate and maintain positive change (working on cognitive and behavioral level)

Our training programs are based on the resources and strengths of each person in an organization. We adapt our programs to the individual needs of each organization, ensuring that our training is integrated with other demands and practices within the company.

Programs are designed not only to deliver the tailored training stategy, but also to expand the imagination of the participants, enabling them to feel pride in their work, inspire innovation and achieve targets and business goals.


is developed through relations based on equality, and through supporting the development of an organization’s employees . This translates directly into business results. In longer development programs we recommend starting the cycle with an initial meeting during which we determine the needs of the client and the expectations and objections of the training.


  • Business Consulting
  • Personal Development
  • Ready Made Products

Business Consulting - consulting and systemic solutions for organizations. We design programs and solutions adapted to the individual client, according to his needs and market situation ( Tailor Made). We combine a business approach with psychology and use the most up-to-date, standardized assessment tools. Our experience in crisis management enables us to react accordingly to the situation in the organization. When designing a developmental system we apply a holistic approach; we draw on the knowledge of global market companies and the extensive experience of our experts. This quickly brings results in the implemented programs and a significant improvement of financial performance.

Personal Development – this is an area which compliments our Tailor Made programs, but at the same time offers a separate source of growth for employees and individuals who want to enrich their self-knowledge and skills. The programs in this area are notably:

  • "My Talents" – Krzysztof Litwiński’s original program,
  • Brian Tracy’s on-line training sessions
  • Brian Tracy’s and partners’ self-development audio programs
  • Books by our training experts

Ready Made Products These are our top ten programs and best practices. Among the most popular and recommended are: Maximum Achievement, Sales Academy, Psychology of Selling and Brian Tracy’s seminars.

These are ready-to-use and proven solutions based on expertise, research and experience.

The participants attain their goals through:

  • Inspiration – contact with professionally active people who are experts in business.
  • Support and practice opportunities between workshop sessions (e.g. mailing, on-line coaching, homework)

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